Coconut Liquid Castile Soap


Originated from the Castile region of Spain, it was traditionally made from one ingredient- pure olive oil, and is one of the best natural and bio-degradable soaps for washing your body, hair, laundry, dishes, and almost everything at home. It is gentle and safe enough to be used for children. As it does not contain any parabens, sulphates, and many other synthetic chemicals found in commercial cleaning solutions, Castile soap is great for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin.
nAt No Waste To Go, we have developed 2 types of liquid soap: Pure-olive oil castile soap and Coconut oil liquid soap. The former is gentle and conditioning, thus can be used for body and face while the latter has stronger cleaning power and provides more lather for all-purpose cleaning.
nThese are very concentrated soaps, like the famous Dr Bronner’s, and you can dilute it 3-5 times with water and add some of your favourite essential oils to suit your cleaning need

Weight 100 g