Making your own produce bag

With the rapid spread of coronavirus, people all over the world have had to change their lifestyles and daily habits. There’s no exception for people in Danang as well.

To follow the government’s precautionary measures and to exercise our individual and collective responsibility to reduce viral transmissions, our store is closed temporarily and only offer Delivery Service for all orders in Da Nang, of course with careful consideration of environmental impacts.

We do containers-swapping, reuse old bottles and boxes or deliver in paper and cotton/linen bags. We found that cotton bags are one of the best ways to deliver nuts beans and dry goods. They are light, washable, can hold large volume and can be reused so many times. So, while enjoying my time staying at home and exercising social distancing, I’ve decided to make a quick tutorial of sewing a simple string bag for this purpose.


It’s up to you to decide the dimensions of the bag. There’re no rules here. In the picture below, I used a left-over piece of linen. You can use any type of fabric or even your old clothes.

Fold the fabric in half and cut to your desired shape.

STEP 2. Make the string tunnel

Fold the top side of the bag as shown in the picture, and sew it as seen below.

Fold the 2 sides in to make a clean finishing. and fold the top down again and sew it.

STEP 3. Sew the side and bottom of the bag. In this tutorial, I use French seam method, i.e seam that encloses the seam allowance on the inside of a sewn item so that no raw edge is visible. That means I will sew on the right side first, then turn the wrong side out, and sew on the wrong side.


Turn it inside out and sew again on the wrong side of the bag and you are almost done.

STEP 4. Insert the string

Use a safety pin to pull the string through. Tie a knot at both ends and that’s all set.

You can find many other uses for this bag besides holding nuts and beans. It can store almost everything: dry foods, books, toys, clothes, toiletries. You can experiment with different materials and dimensions and might you be amazed.